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Science Experiment Ideas

Besides my experiment there are many others you can try that have something to do with pH levels, indicators, acids and bases, photosynthesis and more.  Listed below are science experiments or project ideas. I haven't included any aims or methods as it is all up to you. All I am doing is providing ideas for you to investigate.

pH Levels and pH Indicators 
  • pH levels of different household substances
  • pH levels of water from different sources
  • Natural indicators e.g. red cabbage
  • universal indicators
  • pH of different soils
  • Using different indicators

Acids and Bases

  • Which household substances are acids and which are bases?
  • How acidic are different types of fruit?
  • Antacid
  • Neutralisation
  • Reaction between acids and metals
  • Reaction between acids and carbonates
  • Acids in the body
  • Alkalis
  • Will antacids help soil polluted by acid rain?


  • Growth of different types of plants
  • pH of soil and its affect on plant growth
  • Percentage of water in various fruits and vegetables
  • Which type of plant grows best under artificial light?
  • Does the type of water affect the growth of plants?
  • Music and its affect on plant growth
  • Does a plant grow best in sunlight or artificial light?
  • Colour and its affect on plant growth 
  • Temperature and its affect on plant growth
  • Can plants grow without soil?

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